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Bye-Bye 2010. Hello 2011. Ernest Dempsey’s thoughts

2010 is leaving. After a few hours, it’ll be gone. Really? Let’s ask ourselves, can a moment, let alone an entire 12-month period, suddenly vanish as the clock ticks 12 midnight? Boy! That’s almost like accusing the year of escaping in the middle of the night like a thief after stealing something from our lives. […]

13 Tips for Longevity and Health: “A tough old bird shows us how to fly.”

Here comes another present for my father’s 95th birthday November 9, 2010. My article “Erwin A. Thompson: A tough old bird shows us how to fly” has just come out under the “Inspiration” category in October’s “Recovering The Self:A Journal of Hope & Healing” Volume II, Number 4. Victor R. Volkman is the publisher for […]

New Year Message & Poem from Ernest Dempsey

Dear Readers, This message and poem comes from our Man in Pakistan, Ernest Dempsey, who edits Recovering the Self among many other writing contributions. Ernest asked me to post it on Riehlife. That way all my regular readers can enjoy it while Ernest also will send the link his writing world buddies shortly before New […]

Recovering the Self: A Journal of Hope & Healing

The second issue of Recovering the Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing (Vol. II, No.1) (Paperback) is now for sale on Amazon. Read about the launch of “Recovering the Self” on a previous Riehlife post.

Recovering the Self: new magazine edited by Ernest Dempsey, published by Loving Healing Press

Ernest Dempsey is starting a new magazine called Recovering the Self, on self-help/growth/development. It will be published by the Loving Healing Press and will include articles, essays, stories (both fictional and true), journal entries, book reviews, short plays, interviews – virtually anything on the theme of healing/recovering from a trauma, setback, or loss. Feel free […]