“Absaroka: Where the Auguish of a Soldier Meets the Land on the Crow,” by Joan Bochmann

Yet another new book out from Janet Muirhead Hill’s Raven Publishing. Author Joan Bochmann got the idea for this novel when studying the history of Wyoming. A group of activists in Northern Wyoming attempted to carve out a new state they called Absaroka that included parts of Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota. Of course it…

Riehlife Poem-of-the-Day: “Without You,” by Janet Muirhead Hill

I met Janet Muirhead Hill through Women Writing the West. Janet is the author of several novels for children ages 8 – 14, including the Miranda and Starlight series of six book about the bond, formed in tragic circumstances, between a horse (Starlight) and a young girl. (Miranda.) I’m a huge fan of her work….