“Absaroka: Where the Auguish of a Soldier Meets the Land on the Crow,” by Joan Bochmann

Yet another new book out from Janet Muirhead Hill’s Raven Publishing.

Author Joan Bochmann got the idea for this novel when studying the history of Wyoming. A group of activists in Northern Wyoming attempted to carve out a new state they called Absaroka that included parts of Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota. Of course it didn’t quite succeed, but the incident suggested a story for more of the fascinating history that inspired the title for this novel.

Bochmann developed a strong character who returned from the horrors of the Vietnam war to a troubled ranch in northern Wyoming near the Crow Nation (thus the subtitle) and an action-packed book emerged.

Brief Synopsis:
Matt Reed returns from Vietnam, eager to get back to the Wyoming family ranch and forget the horrors of war. To his dismay, he finds the ranch stripped of livestock and his father a mere shadow of his former self, since cancer took Matt’s mother. To add to Matt’s dilemma, the bank holds a mortgage on the ranch. The new bank president, Paul Pringle is a former high school nemesis and the man who married Matt’s girlfriend after Matt was sent to the distant and unpopular war. Determined to foreclose—and gain access to the Reed Ranch’s rich mineral deposits—Pringle gives Matt a very short time to raise a whole lot of money. How can a broken soldier with no resources possibly save the ranch?

Neighboring ranchers, Sadie King and her daughter Jill, Joe Little Hawk of the Crow Nation, and a herd of wild horses play a part in the solution—and in Matt’s healing.

Absaroka is available in print and as an e-book. Order the electronic edition from Amazon or Smashwords, and get the print edition from many fine physical and online stores. Buy directly from the author or from the publisher Contact Raven Publishing to be put in touch with the author for an autographed copy.

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