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Riehlife Poem-of-the-Day: “Introduction to Poetry” by Billy Collins

by Billy Collins from The Apple that Astonished Paris During my Poem-of-the-Day series on Riehlife we’ll have a mixture of named poets & others just like the rest of us. My friend Stephanie Farrow in Albuquerque, New Mexico chooses the Big Name Poets. She sends her picks out via email every day. I’ll be scooping […]

“River of Sadness,” poem by William T. Dawson (Office of the Poet)

I met William T. Dawson in Mountainair, New Mexico, in August 2007 for the 10th annual Sunflower Festival centered at the historic Shaffer Hotel. First, I’d attended the Sunflower Poetry Writing workshop, then participated as a featured reader in the Mountainair Poetry & Writers Picnic. This spoken word event is sheltered in the tree-shaded garden […]

Matthew Freeman’s Poetry @ RAC/STL: “Darkness Never Far”

Matthew Freeman reads from “Darkness Never Far,” at the Regional Arts Commission March 18th at 7:30 on Delmar, across from the Pageant Theater. Other readers include: Mary Eden, Jessica Freeman, Dena Molen, Julia Gordon-Bramer, Lisa Ebert, and Kristin Sharp. Join the St. Louis poetry community for a guaranteed good time. Free refreshments. Music by Tom […]

Inspired Art: Drawing Voices Together (America SCORES St.Louis–Call-for-artists)

Just got this call-for-artists: The Inspired Art Project. Here’s the event: The St. Louis Inspired Art Show Saturday, March 20, 2010 | 6pm to 9pm Belas Artes Multicultural Center & Art Gallery 1854 Russell Blvd, St. Louis, MO The Inspired Art Project enlists local artists to create and submit original works, inspired by original poetry […]

“Burleycue” seeking poems, fiction, essays, and visual art!

Call for poems, fiction, essays, and visual art. Deadline February 2, 2010. Join the company of Richard Newman and Phillip Gounis. Send 1-3 poems, fiction, essays or visual art meditating on the Theme: “Whorticulture.” Culture as a whore? One’s own bumping heads with “whoredom” or society’s misappropriation of the word “whore”? Contribute your own interpretation […]

Celebrating Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address: 146th anniversary with a Poem by Genie Keller

THAT DAY AT GETTYSBURG The date was 1863, at Gettysburg This day, I stand upon the quiet field Now all is silent, All eyes upon the purpose here. It was a fragile moment In a meadow lost in thought And then the words were spoken With care and watchful heart. His words became the paint […]

TCM’s Ernest Dempsey review of “Sightlines: A Poet’s Diary”

Sightlines Janet Grace Riehl iUniverse Inc. ISBN: 0-595-37499-9 Genre(s): Poetry Reviewed by Ernest Dempsey Death sometimes brings about a radical swing in the way the survivors look at life. Janet Grace Riehl, an award-winning author, has written a poetry book Sightlines (iUniverse Inc., Lincoln, 2006) that expresses her feelings about the beauties and frailties of […]

“Sensuousness of a Senior,” a new poem by an admirer

The sensuousness of a senior mocks the confidence of a 20 year old body When you believe the skin your are in Is the skin that brought you here And your mind gives you confidence of who you are You know that wisdom gives real pleasure The wisdom that knows chocolate dipped strawberries Are way […]

“Sightlines: A Poet’s Diary,” 5 star review by Valerie J. Brooks on Good Reads

Valerie’s review rating: 5 of 5 stars bookshelves: highly-recommend status: Read in July, 2008 Janet Grace Riehl writes with the honesty, openness and heart of someone who deeply loves life, but is not shy at hitting, straight on, the messes we have to clean up or the sorrows we must bear. Her collection, “diary” as […]

Dempsey’s “Two Candles” poetry collection reviewed by Riehlife

Click here to read an earlier Riehlife post relating to Dempsey’s writing process for “Two Candles.” Ernest Dempsey uses the defining image of light as the threading metaphor through his collection of 74 selected poems contained in 84 pages. Light as an archtypal image is the perfect connecting theme as Dempsey’s mind roams classic philosophic […]