“Burleycue” seeking poems, fiction, essays, and visual art!

Call for poems, fiction, essays, and visual art. Deadline February 2, 2010. Join the company of Richard Newman and Phillip Gounis.

Send 1-3 poems, fiction, essays or visual art meditating on the Theme: “Whorticulture.” Culture as a whore? One’s own bumping heads with “whoredom” or society’s misappropriation of the word “whore”? Contribute your own interpretation of “whorticulture.” it’s all about wordplay! It DOES NOT have to be sexual.

Submit to: lolalarvale@gmail.com


What’s Burleycue?

For Erin Goss, it’s a new chapbook-magazine called “Burleycue” that merges images with literature. Each cover is a photo-page taken from a 1931 edition of “Burleycue: The underground history of Burlesque” by Bernard Sobel.

Erin liked the play on “horticulture” & “whore” feeling that it’s applicable to both society and individuals. Artists and writers are to interpret the theme in their own way: personal, political, natural–the wider range, the better.

The inside pages are from old French & Japanese texts so it’s a 100% recycled book. It will be a small print run through All Along Press.

All proceeds benefit a charitable organization. Stay tuned for the May launch party complete with music & visual exhibit

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