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SCN’s National Memoir Conference Henfest 130 strong—like relaxing and writing with a group of girlfriends

“Who’s the designer for your blouse?” asks Martha Fleming from San Antonio, Texas. “Gosh, I don’t know. Go ahead and check the label,” I say, holding up the the inside collar for her inspection. It’s “Connie’s Moon Light.” I bought it at the St. Louis Art Museum boutique right before I left because I thought […]

Kenoter Nancy Slonim Aronie knocks our socks off at SCN National Memoir Conference

By chance, I encountered Nancy in the hallway before her talk. My gaze caught by the runching and siver-shine of her skirt. She was also sock-footed, sans shoes. “Oh, I had these shoes especially made,” she mentioned off-handly. “Forgive my gaze, it was the lines and fabric of your skirt that caught my eye. I’m […]

SCN Conference Silent Auction Sampling

Silent auctions can be good fund-raisers for organizations. Here at the Story Circle Network National Memoir Conference in Austin, we’re having one, too. Cleverly, after the rousing keynote address by Nancy Slonim Aronie (who turned out to be my sister in socks), the closing event of the evening was a lovely dessert buffet in the […]

Journey to National Memoir Conference, Austin, Texas, Story Circle Network—Stories from the Heart IV

Yesterday as I stepped out of my St. Louis apartment to walk my five blocks to the Metrolink, I opened the door to snow. Journeys in one’s 50s are different than in ones 20s…but yesterday I did my best to meet all the little twirks of modern travel with a measure of joie de vivre. […]

Publishing Strategies Examined in Redwood Coast Review article by Daniel Barth, “Staying Afloat: The poor devil author in the 21st century”…”Sightlines” author Riehl interviewed along with Bruce Patterson & Hal Zina Bennett

Click here to read Redwood Coast Review’s lead article by Daniel Barth, “Staying Afloat: The poor devil author in the 21st century,” online in pdf form. Daniel Barth’s article is well-researched and chockfull of information about Big Picture Publishing and how three authors in his region, Northern California, have responded in three distinctive ways to […]