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“Grow Easy”

Easy grow. Grow easy. Go easy. How can we grow easier in our lives and our skins?

Space Design Meets Life Design Meets Spiritual Practice: Outer, Inner, Secret, and Innermost Secret

African goddess mask emerging from Botswana basket…greeting and welcoming guests as they enter the Goddess Gathering Room. —JGR The phrase “Outer, Inner, Secret, and Innermost Secret” comes from a practice sequence in Tibeten Buddhism. OUTER In the design of space in my apartment, the Outer room in the front room…what most folks would call the […]

Timing is all.

Timing and destiny and yearning. What determines the timing of manifestation? All coordinates come together. Happening on god’s time, not ours.

George Lucas’ fatherly advice for success in the arts

Remember that ultimately going for the money is 100% wrong. Going for love of what you’re doing is sort of 60% right. You can fill that other 40% with a little practical thinking: I also want to make a living at this. I don’t want to starve. —George Lucas, Quoted in USA Today

Bertha Calloway sailing across the great plains: Black History Museum

We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails. ~Bertha Calloway, Founder of the Great Plains Black Museum

Poets’ Weather: James Dickey and Mark Twain

photo by A poet is someone who stands outside in the rain hoping to be struck by lightning. —James Dickey From the length of the bibligraphy of his poetic works, we can surmise that Mr. Dickey was frequently struck by metaphoric lightning. Mark Twain gives us this advice: “It is best to read the […]

Real Symbolic Actions: Flowers Feed Compassion

Hostesses and the floral industry have known this for a long time. But the symbolic action of giving and receiving flowers makes people happy. The tangible symbol of being surrounded by flowers, makes people happier. Now the Home Ecology of Flowers Sudy at Harvard reveals that: 1) Flowers Feed Compassion. 2) Flowers chase away anxieties, […]

Artaud: Poetry layer beneath the poetry

“Beneath the poetry of the texts, there is the actual poetry, without form and without text.” -Antonin Artaud, poet, essayist, playwright, actor & director

Pelicans “Just Visiting” Along the Mississippi Flyway

Pelicans were part of my lyric life in Northern California as Daniel and I paddled round the small peninsula on Clear Lake in our kayaks and there, they are! A cloud of squawking white swirling and settling on the water. I see a blur of pelicans this morning, looking over my shoulder, as I drive […]

Riehlife Contemplation Series…and Lights Out for Earth Hour

I’ve been harvesting my journals this week. One of the fruits of my harvest is this series of Riehlife contemplations which I hope you’ll enjoy and use: –for cultivating your own contemplations. –for starting conversations with loved ones and friends. –for prompting your writing. What are your foul weather blue sky gifts? What does your […]