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Happy All Mother’s Day!

What if, indeed, as Buddhist say we are all mothers to one another (past-present-future)? How would that change your part of the world? 2)What are the stories of mothers you’ve known? Wikipedia agrees that Mother’s Day isn’t just about biological mother’s. It’s about nurturing. Mother’s Day is a celebration that honors mothers and motherhood, maternal […]

“Play that GREY EAGLE,” by Erwin A. Thompson

My father Erwin Thompson–musician and raconteur– tells this true story of old-fashioned square-dance music–when it was just music. Janet __________ There was this fiddler back some years ago who was learning. He had one piece that he played quite well, but it was a struggle for him to learn. He hadn’t gotten around to learning […]

Pioneer Journey: They Came to Kansas

My father unearthed another family treasure recently and we’ve posted it on the Women Writing the West blog. Click here to read They Came to Kansas. My father, Erwin A. Thompson, became enthralled with a recent discussion on the Women Writing the West listserve concerning the mid-day meal. He discovered and transcribed this story written […]