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“Memories of France,” by Erwin A. Thompson

Mary Trimble posted an essay my father wrote. Mary says: Our own Janet Riehl’s father, Erwin Thompson, and I have been cyber friends and exchanged books and ideas over the years. This week’s post features Mr. Thompson and is about a memorable show he saw in France with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope. ******************************************* About […]

Part 2: “Sometimes It Pays to Be Generous,” by Erwin A. Thompson

Read Part 1 of “Sometimes It Pays to Be Generous,” by my father Erwin A. Thompson. Another prime example of generosity paying off is my relationship with the men from the water company. Our work often overlapped. Sometimes when we dug a hole for a gas leak we found a water leak, also. And vice […]

(Pop on Monday) Part 1: “Sometimes It Pays to Be Generous,” by Erwin A. Thompson

This is the first of a two-part article by my father Erwin A. Thompson on the theme of generosity. Read Part 2 of “Sometimes It Pays to Be Generous” on Riehlife. –Janet *** *** *** Sometimes it pays to be generous. (And as a personal reward, it is a pleasant way to live) I have […]

“On time, by God! Nine O’clock Sunday School” by Erwin A. Thompson

Another tale from the Riehlife series: Pop on Mondays. –Janet “On time, by God! Nine O’clock Sunday School” by Erwin A. Thompson I was born in 1915. When I was seven years old, we started going to the Melville Congregational Church. The “we” being my Uncle George Gibbens, his wife, Emma Riehl Gibbens, and myself. […]

Holding a Family Lineage and Heritage: What does it take?

In past generations…way back in the day…families made it their business to hand down their lineage and heritage–whether planting tomatoes in manure-rich dirt, singing together in the car or around the piano, or recounting a treasure trove of family stories. My mother, as matriarch, was part of this tradition. Even now, five years after her […]

“A Riehl Family Sunday,” by Erwin A. Thompson–Of popcorn, peonies, and people. An old man remembers a boy’s world

A Riehl Family Sunday (at Evergreen Heights) by Erwin A. Thompson The Bible sets Sunday, the seventh day of the week, as a day of rest and worship. Through the years, we humans have tampered with this rule, adapting the day tour own uses and choice. Big machinery that costs money to shut down and […]

What is a “Country Block”? –by Erwin A. Thompson

Here’s another in the Riehlife series “Pop on Mondays” From girlhood I knew what a section of land was–because my father told me–as he told me so many things. Here’s a story of the nickname for a section: “a country block.” Now, here’s Pop. –Janet, his youngest daughter _____________________________ What is a “Country Block”? by […]

“The Second Hardest Decision,” by Erwin A. Thompson. Duck or Cover? A WW II Chronicle.

This story written by my father Erwin A. Thompson–now 95–is a continuation of my POP ON MONDAY series. It tells the story of what my father calls “Big Men”–that is men of great character. In the normal round of a day in Army life, should they protect a good seargent and risk their own positions? […]

My children, scattered around the world. My father understands.

I never bore biological children, but there’s never been a time in my life when I didn’t have a close relationship with a child or young adult. No kids of my own, then, but godchildren, nieces and nephews, neighbors, friend’s children, and upstairs neighbors. It’s a path not taken that’s no doubt for the best, […]

“The Hardest Decision I Ever Had to Make,” by Erwin A. Thompson, WWII Hero. Who to choose for a dangerous night patrol? And, how to get back alive?

Today is D-day. And, my parent’s 69th wedding anniversary if my mother had lived to see this day. My father’s story of “The Hardest Decision I Ever Had to Make,” did not happen on D-Day, but it seems right to post it today as we remember those dark days of World War II and the […]