Holding a Family Lineage and Heritage: What does it take?

In past generations…way back in the day…families made it their business to hand down their lineage and heritage–whether planting tomatoes in manure-rich dirt, singing together in the car or around the piano, or recounting a treasure trove of family stories.

My mother, as matriarch, was part of this tradition. Even now, five years after her death, her influence lives on.

My father, as a patriarch, holds the words, values, tunes, work ethic, and skills of generations before him. He did his best to impart these same gifts to generations to come.

How can we hold a lineage in our everyday lives? What does it mean to you? What lineage and heritage did you receive? Have you passed on? Let me know what you think. Some places to start:

What were you taught as a child? How do you mentor and nurture younger generations now?

What arts, crafts, and skills were passed onto you? What do you pass on?

What about integrity & purpose? Are these passed down?

As we mature and come into fruition holding a family lineage and heritage contributes to the wider culture, not only our particular clan.

Now it’s your turn.

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