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How a helping hand made all the difference. “Hard Choice,” by Erwin A. Thompson

Hard Choice #1: Combining Wheat Being short of money was nothing new for Ruth and me in 1948 when the last of our three children was born. Our first choice of course was to have food on the table, clothes on the children, gasoline in the car, and parts for the car when it broke […]

Parents Transfer Country Upbringing to City Life

I talked to a 6-year old girl after watching TV. She said, “TV sucks my brains out.” I talked to parents who grew up in the country and small towns. They told me: 1) They’d identified core values they received through their country and small town childhoods. 2)They committed to transferring those values 3) They’d […]

Slumber party for young guests—no media involved

Girlie pink feather playtime shoes…dreamy. Daddy’s dream come true was for us to host two of his young friends for an overnight at his home atop the bluffs. We had the best of times! While I prepared a chicken pot pie, Pop and N. picked iris and peonies from our garden for the table. The […]