Slumber party for young guests—no media involved

Girlie pink feather playtime shoes…dreamy.

Daddy’s dream come true was for us to host two of his young friends for an overnight at his home atop the bluffs.

We had the best of times!

While I prepared a chicken pot pie, Pop and N. picked iris and peonies from our garden for the table.

The girls went into the dress-up chests, picked-out costumes, and made up a play to present to us in the parlor.

They each played piano and sang songs with us.

We staged a yo-yo contest.

Ate popcorn.

They love to jump on Daddy’s bed. I call is bed trampoline…and play hide and seek. Daddy is so playful. Then time for bedtime stories.

We read “I stink” written by Kate McMullen and illustrated by her husband Jim McMullen…a great big stinky book for kids.

For balance we finished off with “The Best Nest” by Doris L. Mueller . It’s a wonderful book for any age and retells an English fable of the importance of listening and why all the birds have different kinds of nests. Doris Mueller is a Missouri author. I bought this book at the Missouri Writers Guild Conference.

The two girls slept in the pink room, my girlhood bedroom, in a large bed that used to be my parents…and felt like princesses. They slept in, ate a special breakfast of cornbread and fruit salad and such. Then, we toured the 5 porches, 6 basement rooms, and the stables in the barn. We walked down the lane to visit Charlie, play with his Jack Russle Terrier “Jackie” and swing on his old-fashioned tree swing.

My brother Gary, down for an outside workday on the place, also cooked fish he’d caught, and peas and lettuce he’d grown in his garden. Ah, but he’s a handy man.

They both made it safely home and we all cherish our memories from our time together.

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