Just in time for Thanksgiving: Cranberry-Pineapple Compote (a la Janet)

What is compote? fruit in sugar syrup first appeared in 17th century England. Here’s an online recipe for cranberry-apple compote.

And…now Cranberry-Pineapple Compote (a la Janet)

I developed this recipe for my father since two of his favorite fruits are cranberries and apple. As I look at the compote definition and recipes this morning I see that it fits neatly into that tradition.

What’s different from my method vs. the recipe on the cranberry packet:

1) It’s more on the side of compote rather than straight cranberry sauce.
2) There’s less sugar added (there is sugar in the canned fruit syrup), and has (tasters report) more subtle flavors as a result of the added fruit.

Here’s how:

1 package fresh cranberries
(I cook two at a time. Each package plus additions yields about 1 quart)

Open cans of pineapple–chunk or crushed. Drain syrup into a measuring cup.

Open cans of apricots and/or peaches. Drain syrup and measure.

You can also add orange juice if you wish–up to the amount of the liquid specified on the cranberry package. You can also add concentrated lemon juice as part of the measured liquid. Go light on the lemon.

Add 1/2 the amount of sugar specified on the package.

Cook with lid on until soft. For an added twist, you could mash, but I’ve only done that once.


You can mix and match additional ingredients such as raisins, chopped prunes, dried apricots and/or peaches, walnuts or other nuts. You can add chopped fresh lemons and/or oranges for more zest.

That’s about it. Easy and wows guests. It’s in another stratosphere from canned cranberry sauce.

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  1. Having had the opportunity to taste Janet’s cranberry compote I can attest to it’s deliciousness.

  2. Cynthia,

    This means a lot coming from you, my dear. I’m always bragging on your cooking and organization of feasts. I’ll be bringing a slug of the cranberry compote to our Thanksgiving dinner.

    Janet Riehl

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