Black Valentine’s Series #7: Cuddled Prayers Couples Linda Jones Hawkins & Charles Hawkins

Our Black Valentine’s Series concluded with the love story of Linda Jones Hawkins and Charles Hawkins. I met the couple at the 2007 Kwanzaa celebration in St. Louis. Linda showed me her beautiful poems and paintings, while Charles stood by, beaming. You’ve been reading three of Linda’s love poems in the last few days. Linda and Charles shared their love story with me (Linda speaking):

“And the story goes… She found a handsome King and he found a beautiful queen, while playing in the pool at Bally’s on a cold winter day.

“At first sight their eyes locked and their hearts skipped a beat. Now they are embarking on a new life together as one. Both are favored in God’s army and they are committed to His work and each other. They prayed and waited for the right moment and God provided the perfect
setting and time. Charles’ sweet smile and spirit provided a strong and supportive bridge for Linda’s kind ways and loving heart.

“Soon they were laughing and giggling and enjoying special dates and romantic moments. You can find them splashing in the pool and working out with their instructor, Keith, and many supportive friends.

“People are talking about this starry-eyed twosome that looks like chocolate cherubs on a cake. They have many days to look forward to and are counting on family and friends to share in this joyful moment. Your prayers and well-wishes are welcomed as they begin the New Year
as one!”

“It has been tw years and we are still counting the days and enjoying our moments. You can find the starry-eyed twosome doing just about anything. Visiting friends, cheering up the sick and laughing and splashing at Bally’s pool. We have been on a fast journey of getting to know and love each other more. We are not always sure of the reason why fate moved us to this place, but we are coasting on the ride. We are devoted to each other and we are hoping that folks see the ‘twinkle in our wrinkles.’ Be blessed, Linda and Charles!

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