Blog-of-the-Month: My country ’tis of thee. Patriotism. What’s yours?

What does patriotism look like? Is it “Love it or leave it”? or: “My country right or wrong.” or “My country both right and wrong.” Or…? How do we love our country? How do we make our country reflect our vision of what we’d like democracy to be?

Lift up your voices. I look forward to reading your comments and the dialogue to follow.

Happy July 4th coming up. Let the fireworks provide some light on patriotism.

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  1. Patriotism involves absorbing the different levels of commitment, acknowledgement and support you feel for your country and to your countrymen. It may involve not feeling anything but just knowing you exist in society and you having a spot. Personally, I like having a spot and in my spot I get to explore, grow, observe and be me. Hopefully, as I take in the highlights, tragedies, past milestones and present issues I can put my mind on cruise and work toward making my spot a better spot and my contributions better contributions. For what is and what is not is simply my part in recognizing the worth of us all… collectively in our respective places.

  2. Linda,

    I enjoy your perspective of how the personal and the colelctive weave together. The individual is commited to the group. And in that commitment, we earn a spot. I love the emphasis on spot, because that gives us a sense of place. A place at the table that we contribuite to building, cooking, sharing, and enjoying the meal.

    Through focusing on making our lives and our spot as spotless and beautiful as we can we become part of making the world around us more valuable and liveable.

    “Recognizing the worth of us all…collectively and in our respective places.” All in our own places…in the same place. Like coincentric circles moving outward.

    This is how I visualize and understand what you’re saying. I like this model. It suits the American model, too, of the individual as a maker of culture.


  3. Wow…I like the individual as a maker of culture. I like the mix. Linda

  4. Janet, since we met several years ago, you have made my life so full with all your blogs and shared visits…..I’m so glad we live in a free country to visit one another to express our views.

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