Riehlife Poem-of-the-Day: “Not Letting Me Fall,” by Laurie Nienhaus

Laurie Nienhaus is an author, playwright, witty blogger, and public speaker living on Fort Myers Beach, Florida. She describes her blog “No Cobwebs Here” as “The Place for the Stuff Flitting About in My Head.” See three other fascinating online drawing rooms below where Laurie brings back civility and graciousness.

Not Letting Me Fall
by Laurie Nienhaus

Safe in knowing this is best
You fold your thoughts
with perfectly quiet creases,
Tucking them neat and still
In an attic drawer
At the end of the stairs
I rarely climb.
But me?
Mine spill noisy and wrinkled
(forever a tussle)
From an open box
Recklessly perched upon a low shelf.
Always in easy reach.
But maybe not so safe.
I’ve lately been tripping over them.
And there you are to catch me.
On your way up the stairs.


Here are three other places you can find Laurie Nienhaus online:

Laurie Nienhouse Fascinating range of public speaking topics harkening back to the times of prominent women authors, tea, costumes, and more.

Guilded Lily Publishing featuring Laurie’s first book “And Then It Was Teatime!”

Start A Tea Club How to start your own tea coterie.

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