Riehlife Poem-of-the-Day: “Winter Slumberina,” by Liz Parker

Liz Parker is based in Alton, Illinois. When we were children, Liz visited Evergreen Heights, our place atop the bluffs. Her father, Bill Parker, worked with my father at Union Electric. Now I continue to know Liz as the guiding light of the Alton Writers Guild which meets monthly at the Jacoby Art Center in Alton.

Here’s an example of her fine work.


Winter Slumberina
by Liz Parker

Midnight. A red fox climbs the snowy bank
And peeks into the dim-gold glow of Old Man Hoffman’s window.
I fall away from the view, sinking down, down, under down
And cotton flushed warm by breath laced with brandywine.
Lavender lingering lightly in the air, lulling.
Happy glow from downy snow under December Blue Moon
Masquerades as dawn to lure me from the greenplay of my dreams.
Knowing fingers, brandy-warmed, find my cool eyes, sealing them
Closed for this winter’s night.
A curtain drop on day and night and moon.
Floating further down and down.
Slumber breathing, the tell-tale rhythm
Of loss of grip on lists of things and ties to day.
A feather fall to Fairyland. Tchaichovsky’s celesta chiming.
And from the wings, a Sugar Plum
Shaking off drowse and icy dew
To dance her perfect steps
Without a wit of care
For Tchaichovsky.
His celesta.
His rhythm.
Or anything.
Except for her sublime perfection.

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