Riehlife Poem-of-the-Day: “The Apple Factory,” by Arletta Dawdy

“The Apple Factory,” is the third poem in this series of reprising Arletta Dawdy’s poems which appeared on Riehlife in its early days.

Read “The Apple Factory,” a poem by Arletta Dawdy–1914 Sharp turns in Russia and China…apples, war, and rivers.

“The Apple Factory” grew out of a conversation in the 1970s with an elderly neighbor as they stood in her kitchen window looking out on the apple orchard that backed both their homes.

Both the elderly neighbor and the apple orchard are gone now with the latter given over to a vineyard where the birds don’t come anymore because of all the chemicals. Arletta says, “I’m just back from there as our son bought the old house in Guerneville and is raising his kids there now.”

Read Dawdy’s “Clara’s Air.”

Read Dawdy’s “White Girl, Black Heart–summer ’59”

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