Black Valentines Series #6: Love poem “Post Pinnacle,”by Linda Jones Hawkins

Post Pinnacle
by Linda Jones Hawkins
© January 2008

I now have love
Tucked sweetly on my pillowslip
It enfolds me
It comforts me
It sustains me
And it delights me,
I arise knowing my journey
Has been stretched a bit more
To accommodate his girth and gentle
Kind of loving.

I now move through and
Navigate through known and unknown
Love tunnels that were once buried
Deep in my soul.
Might I say the moments have been
Sweetened and my days warmed
By the sun and my nights
Encapsulated in cuddled prayers
And staccato kisses.

I now rock in love’s cradle
While his arm pushes me forward to
Grasp the next challenge and life’s
Daily fare.
We meet at the bridge and in ordered steps
Become one in so many ways.
I taste his sweat
He caresses my tears
I cheer his jokes
He buffers my thoughts and conversations
I tie his words in a knot
And together we toddle along to our next
Invitation and
Now permanent habitation
Settled in each others hearts
And spreading merriment
And good cheer on to
Those who see the twinkle in our

And passionately
I embrace my pillow talk kind of love
I’ decked out in rose petal memories and
I look forward to never ending fireworks
Erupting at my door step.

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