Riehlife Poem-of-the-Day: Twitter Haiku by Susan J. Tweit

Susan Tweit posts a Haiku a Day on Twitter and Facebook. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then what would you say of a Haiku a day?

Make sure you see the Riehlife companion post Susan wrote on her haiku Twitter practice. Read more about Susan Tweit’s rich background and accomplishments below.

She’s currently working on two book proposals. One is on the theme of using-nature-to-fire-your-creativity. She’s using her haiku practice as an exercise. Here she shares three of these gems.


Male house finch warbles
sweetly, fueled by lust and spring
“Oh, pick me! Pick me!”


Shovels scrape sidewalks
plows swish by as snow still falls
muffling spring in white


Rolling waves of wind
blew in a blizzard last night
snow falls like feathers


I met Susan through Women Writing the West, and went on to know her through Story Circle Network. She’s an author, journalist, writing coach, workshop leader, and more than one can list.

Susan is a biologist who “evolved” into an award-winning writer. Susan says that she is “dedicated to reviving human’s terraphilia, our innate affection for and connection to Earth and its community of lives.”

Her most recent book, Walking Nature Home, A Life’s Journey has been hailed as “a graceful and moving memoir” and “a brave, beautiful and necessary book.”

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  1. So glad to see Susan J Tweit as a guest on Riehlife. I experience Susan as seeing nature through a complex and respectful maze of science and symbiosis steeped in a heart-inspired conscious presence — that combined with her skilled poetry make her haikus something I look forward to each day on facebook.

  2. A “heart-shaped conscious presence”–I love that Mary. Along with the “complex and respectful maze of science and symbiosis.” Thank you!

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