Twitter Haiku by Susan Tweit–coming soon to Riehlife

Susan Tweit will be with us in the Riehlife poem of the day series this Monday, April 5th. She was kind enough to announce the poem of the day series on her blog Walking Nature Home:

Now, some news: It’s National Poetry Month, and author and blogger Janet Riehl of the village wisdom magazine Riehlife, a virtual conversation featuring a fascinating mix of diverse voices, is posting a poem (or several a day) along with commentary from that day’s poet. Today’s offering is former U.S. poet laureate Billy Collins, Monday, April 5 is–ta dah!–me. No, I don’t think of myself as poet. But I have this haiku practice going where I put up a haiku every day on Twitter (search susanjtweit) and Facebook. Why? As I said in my comment for Riehlife:

For me, haiku is a way to use the virtual world of social networking to broadcast awareness of the very real world where we live: nature, place, season, and the fleeting beauty of the moment. When I post a haiku on Twitter, it is like sending out an electronic locator beacon broadcasting a signal from a specific place, a specific time, a specific detail of nature and my awareness of it. In a sense, I am using the virtual world of Twitter to foster awareness of the real world, the living Earth that is our home, our refuge and renewal.

Check out my haiku on Riehlife, or watch for my daily haiku tweet or FB postings. And start your own practice. Writing a haiku is a wonderful way to hone your awareness, witness the world, and honor the place where you are–right now. If you’ve got haiku or other poetry to share, submit a sample to Janet (janet.riehl at for Riehlife.

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