Gratitude Short List for Thanksgiving

Here’s my gratitude short list:

Mainly, grateful for continued connections with friends across the U.S. and all over the world. Continuity is sweet in a life on the move.

How good it is to come back to Lake County…to see it’s beauties…and have friends who still want to see me. So often a move has meant an erasure of a life era.

–The move to St. Louis in 2007 was the right thing to do. It takes time to settle in to the settled small town that is St. Louis.

–So happy we got Worth Remembering out, and so many people enjoy it…the award of course.

–The bloggers who helped me on the official launch for the “Sightlines” audio book…and connection with online friends…Riehlife.

–Collaboration with Stephanie Farrow.

–My brother’s practical support.

–Pop lived through another year, day by day…”as gracefully as possible”, aging with grace, dignity, and usefulness…a beacon for many that life doesn’t end until it ends..and maybe not then.

–Grateful for the balance, strength, and health I’ve worked for.

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