“Love Song” by John Kolvenbach at STL Actors Studio

STL Actors Studio stages John Kolvenbach’s “Love Song” in its LOVE & HONOR season. It’s a play replete in layers as it examines love: within ourselves, couples, families, and the Platonic ideal of love that lives inside us.

The Actors Studio is in my neighborhood so I could walk there and back. A genuine pleasure was meeting The Mandel’s, Gerry and Mary Lee.

Gerry is a playwright. In April 2008 Riehlife interviewed him about his “Audition Piece” at First Run Theatre.

The reading at First Run provided us with such a fun evening. I do hope he’ll continue to twiddle with its strong structure and concept.

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  1. Attending a good play is one of my great pleasures, sharing the experience with members of an appreciative audience. That was the case Friday night at the Gaslight Theater, for “Love Song,” a strong production with some fine acting. One of the pleasures of the evening, however, was running into you, Janet. I had not seen you for quite awhile, probably because neither one of us has attended many St. Louis Writers Guild open mics. It was so good to see you again and, yes, Mary Lee and I will call you about lunch, a play, dinner… whatever. About my play…. it’s on my list of “things I must return to.” My wife constantly nags me with “When are you going to work on ‘Audition Piece’ again.” I usually mumble, “Oh, yeah, right. Uhhh… soon.” It’s been over a year now. So maybe it’s time. Thanks for the gentle shove, Janet. I hope you are continuing to write, as well.

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