TLC’s “The Singing Office” features my young friend Annemieke Marie Farrow in “Animal Shelter vs. School Bus Drivers”

Annemieke Marie Farrow
Annemieke Marie Farrow, Master of the Portable Portfolio

Today at 9 p.m. CST (my time!) for 60 minutes check out:

The Singing Office
Animal Shelter vs. School Bus Drivers

Joey Fatone (N’SYNC) and Mel B. (Spice Girls) are on a fun mission to discover hidden talent in workplaces across America. Mel B. is searching at the SPCALA while Joey scours the Pupil Transportation Cooperative.

Annemieke Farrow, daughter of my New Mexico long time friends Stephanie and John Farrow, makes her TV debut on this show, and we’ll all be glued as if it were the Oscars.

I’ve known Annemieke since she was a baby. She’s made a brave 180 degree turn in her life moving from 1) a Broadway musical career of dancing and singing and acting in musicals and Shakespeare…playing Reporter #2 in Spider-Man 2…to….training dogs; and 2) from NYC to LA; and 3) from long hair to short hair, as I recall first seeing her.

Now that’s what I call a PORTABLE PORTFOLIO!

Such a capacity for change and strength with flexibility leaves me applauding in the aisles with the popcorn sliding off my lap. You can be sure I’ll be there tonight, and I hope you’ll join me along with millions of other viewers.

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