Make your hotel room your own!

I’m in Squaw Valley, California at the Rigpa (my Buddhist group) fall retreat. We’re staying in luxury at the Squaw Creek Resort.

When I arrived, I felt overwhelmed. It was just too big. Just too fancy. When I came into my room, I immediately set to work. All six pillows were immediately tossed to the floor. Rather than comfort me, they felt like an obstacle to lounging on the bed.

I moved all printed literature to one corner. That’s the fastest way to make a hotel room yours. Remove all signs of hotel hospitality. Consider how you’ll make the room your own. How to make it work for the way you live rather than how the hotel considers the hypothetical guest might use the room. When it feels homey, cozy, and comfy, then I consider my job ended.

When I’m ready to leave, I reverse the process. I leave a big tip to the maid…for the favor of not coming in to clean while I’m there. She might faint!

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