Women’s Memoirs Launches with New Look!

Kendra Bonnett and Matilda Butler continue to amaze me with their jaw-dropping array of fascinating products and activities. Look on the right margin for their activities and then on the far right for their seven (yes, seven!) blogs.

You can see for yourself at www.womensmemoirs.com as they change their popular site to launch it with a new look. The sweet snapshot and post card visual feel to the new site is an eye pleaser.

For their writing prompts blog I’m delighted to say they chose my post on the story poem as an overlooked form in memoir. You can see that if you missed it the first time by scanning the right hand boxes outside the border for “Writing Prompts.” Click and see the post on the top of that category.

Matilda and Kendra were maximally supportive hosts during their stop on my blog tour for “Sightlines: A Family Love Story in Poetry and Music.” In addition to the guest post they hosted, they reviewed the audio book in Book Raves. One of my favorite activities on that tour was the teleseminar we presented. By the way, I have CDs I made from that. Just ask.

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  1. Hi Janet:

    Thanks for reviewing our newly re-launched website and are delighted that you like the visual feel. It’s been fun to work on it although it has taken more months than I can count.

    Kendra and I love to interview women memoir authors and found our conversation with you to be a special treat. We look forward to new activities with you.


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