Nashville Launch Dinner at Sportsman Bar and Grille for audiobook “Sightlines: A Family Love Story in Poetry and Music”

The last step in producing an audio book is to celebrate! That’s what my Nashville Production team did with me at the Sportsman Bar and Grille this week. It looks like a theme park version of those grand old WPA (Works Progress Administration) lodges in the great parks like Yellowstone and Yosemite. The food was pretty good. Best of all, it was just across the street from the place I was staying.

Our surprise guest was Suzy Bogguss, one of the country-western stars in the music city firmanment As a veteran of so many albumns and singles, I’m sure she’s been to launch parties full of sparkle over the years. This was was homey. Suzy and I sat together and got to know each other. We’d never met before. We also got caught up about family relationships and stories. She was born in Aledo, Illinois, with her birthdate just a day after mine in December 30. Her mother Barbara Bogguss is a marvelous musician and played with my father at a 1938 family reunion that Daddy still recalls as a highlight in his life. Suzy is married to songwriter Doug Crider. Their son Ben is soon to be one of those young Eagle Scouts, as my brother Gary was.

Scott Kidd, my sound engineer and project manager came with his wife Sareya. Yvonne Perry, is Sareya’s mother. She had introduced me to Scott last year.

I’d never met Greg McNey before. He took care of all our licensing and copyrighting requirements. I’d known he was a consummate professional and learned here that he was also a consummate gentleman. Greg introduced us to his friend Laura Neutzling who is chief visionary at Four Eyes Media. Sounds like a wonderful job, no? They spoke afterward how nice it is to watch someone pursue a dream or desire and see it to completion and were glad to have been a part of that.

Earlier in the day Scott Kidd and I started working on our newest project of making video logs as part of our launch. Hal Manogue, who couldn’t be with us that night met me earlier in the day at the Whole Foods Deli where we taped an audio interview. He read the introduction for “Sightlines” audio book.

After dinner we did more interviews as part of the video logs for the launch.

You’ll be hearing more about the videologs soon!

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