Robert Hale’s photographs at Portfolio Gallery: “Intimate Encounters: The African-Americans”

From left to right: Gordon Parks and Rosa Parks

Robert Hale, photographer/journalist, as part of the American Arts Experience: St. Louis

Portfolio Gallery in Grand Center
3514 Delmar Boulevard, 63103.

Exhibit runs through November 30, 2011.



International photographer and journalist, Robert Hale’s “Intimate Encounters: The African-Americans” presents portraits of people who have contributed to culture in their community at large.


Robert Hale is one of the West Coast’s leading photographers. His work both as a photographer and as a journalist, has taken him on assignment throughout the world. His images are characterized by clarity and simplicity, with an extraordinary eye for light and shadows. Whether animate or inanimate, Robert feels his subjects have an inner essence, and, if handled with patience and sensitivity, this essence will reveal itself. His goal is to allow it to live in prints.

Robert, whose father is both a photographer and jazz pianist, developed his interest while still a boy growing up in Roanoke, Virginia. After graduating from high school and serving in Vietnam, he studied photography under Adrian Wagner and Hal Jordan at Los Angeles City College. He then moved to Sweden where he worked as a photographer in Stockholm. Upon his return to the United States in the mid 1970’s, he felt the need for greater security in his life and turned from photography to a career in advertising.

Although he spent the next 20 years building a successful career as an account executive, he describes this time as “years in which I had lost my courage.” It wasn’t until he reached his middle years that he determined to devote himself fully to passion of his youth. Since making that decision in 1996, his progress in the world of photography has been phenomenal.

Robert’s images have been printed in such publications as The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Village Voice, The LA Weekly, Black Enterprise, and a variety of national and international publications. He is currently the Directors Guild of America’s photographer.

Mr. Hale has been proud to volunteer his photographic services to the Los Angeles Children’s Museum, Aids Project Los Angeles, LA Shanti, Aids service Center in Pasadena, California, as well as serving on the board of Directors for The Black Gallery Group, Los Angeles, California.

Portfolio Gallery Presents:
Robert Hale: Intimate Encounters – “The African-Americans”

1. Herbert Gentry
2. Louis Farrakan
3. Gordon Parks
4. Rosa Parks
5. Emma Amos
6. Vincent Smith
7. Esther Rolle
8. Albert Murray
9. Kehinde Wiley
10. Herbert Gentry
11. Samella Lewis
12. John Outterbridge
13. Artis Lane
14. Laura Mae Gross
15. Charles Searles
16. Robert M. Hale (Father)
17.Betye Saar
18. Ozzie Davis
19. Earl Ofori Hutchinson
20.Carrie Mae Weems

All Photographs $400.00 each

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  1. Thanks Robert for the company of your presence last evening at the MAABA – very enlightening to hear your great stories. Had to go home and look up Gordon Parks and his photography as well as yours. Kudos – to you and your future here and all over…….Will check out Saint Louis PORTFOLIO GALLERY next to Powell Hall, when we return for Christmas vacation! Cheers!
    Marti Graham
    David Oldfield

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