Lambert St. Louis International Airport Experience Program Commission

The Public Art and Culture Project is an art initiative to create gathering places and visual high points by commissioning permanent artwork installations and rotating exhibitions in the Airport.

East St. Louis resident, Edna J. Patterson-Petty multi-media artist is one of 9 artists chosen
to create art-glass triptychs for freestanding glass wall partitions in Lambert Airport A and C Concourses. There were 7 women and 2 men chosen.

These nine Art Glass Triptychs will be the first public art commissions for Lambert St. Louis International Airport as part of the Airport Experience Program.

The nine artists will travel in two groups to Munich, Germany from November 28, and December 5, 2010 to work with Franz Mayer glass fabricators on bringing their designs to fruition. The works of art are due for installation in the Airport between May to August 2011.

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