Hal Manogue on “Grace Riehl-ly” (Short Sleeve Insights: Live An Ordinary Life In A Non Ordinary Way)—The Connection of Friendship

Since “Sightlines: A Poet’s Diary” came out (read more on sidebar), I’ve made friends I’ve never met. That, for me, has been one of the best parts of becoming an author. One of those friends-from-afar (but closer now that I’m in St. Louis and he’s only in Nashville) is Hal Manogue.

A.C.E. (Aware Connected Energy) TM
Hal Manogue’s Trademark A.C.E. (Aware Connected Energy)

In an email to me this morning he wrote: You were on my mind this morning; I must have visited you last night on one of my dream adventures. I appreciate you and all you do to bring unity and awareness to light. I know your Sister and Mother are cheering; for they are the fruit on your tree of expression.

He very kindly wrote about our long-distance friendship and posted two poems from the collection: “Grace: for four generations of Graces” and “Knick-Knacks.” You can read his post on “Grace Riehl-ly” here at Short Sleeves Insights: Insightful Thoughts For The 21st Century, “Live An Ordinary Life In A Non Ordinary Way.” The post begins:

“It’s always great to think about friends. They come in so many wonderful packages; each bring a new energy to my life; each offer themselves to me in extraordinary ways, filled with grace and love. Friendship finds the port of joy within me and docks its vessel in my heart. I feel and remember them all; they are a part of me and I am a part of them. That unity is the connection of spirit that awakens my senses and enlightens my mind, so I smile in wholeness. Janet Grace Riehl is a friend. I’ve never met her physically, but we have known each other forever….”

I invite you to read the rest of Hal’s delightful surprise post and to continue reading the insights on his blog…the post just below is a wonderful one about Rumi and quotes a poem by Coleman Barks.

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  1. Thank you for introducing “Ace” to your blog readers. Ace represents what we all have within us: Love. As you pointed out Ace is short for Aware,Connected, Energy or the power we know as consciousness.

    I appreciate your friendship.


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