Yeyo Arts Collective

Yeyo Arts Collective Yeyo Arts Collective is dedicated to women’s art and topics surrounding women’s issues; including family, youth, and community.

Dail Chambers, President
Jean Brantley, Vice President
Yeyo Arts’ guiding principals are:

-We believe in empowerment through arts based learning.
-We practice intergenerational collaboration.
-We encourage creativity and inventive efforts in daily life practice.
-We support independent, arts based entrepreneurial efforts.
-As women we stand together, and against gender stereotyping in the arts and society at large.

They are headquartered in the Gya Community Gallery building and host many dynamic events.

Gya Community Gallery & Fine Craft Shop Hours:
2700 Locust Ave. Saint Louis, Mo 63103

FRI: 4-7pm
SAT: 11-4pm
SUN: 1-4pm

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