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“Color in Freedom,” an exhibit by Joseph A. Holston at the Griot Musem in STL

At The Griot Museum!

Share an evening of jazz and poetry featuring Marvin F. Cockrell and Focus with your beloved amidst the backdrop of the captivating exhibit, "Color in Freedom," by Joseph A. Holston. Admission $15 per person includes hors d'œuvres. Non-refundable pre-paid reservations required by Feb. 10. To make reservations, call 314-241-7057 or send e-mail to

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  1. Someone just told me this definition of Griot. Wonder if they got it from Wikipedia? --Janet

    A griot is a West African poet, praise singer, and wandering musician, considered a repository of oral tradition. As such, they are sometimes also called bards. In African languages, griots are referred to by a number of names: jeli in northern Mande areas, jali in southern Mande areas, guewel in Wolof, gawlo in Pulaar (Fula), and igiiw (or igawen) in Hassaniyya Arabic. Griots form an endogamous caste, meaning that most of them only marry fellow griots and that those who are not griots do not normally perform the same functions that they perform.

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