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Bye-Bye 2010. Hello 2011. Ernest Dempsey’s thoughts

2010 is leaving. After a few hours, it’ll be gone. Really?

Let’s ask ourselves, can a moment, let alone an entire 12-month period, suddenly vanish as the clock ticks 12 midnight? Boy! That’s almost like accusing the year of escaping in the middle of the night like a thief after stealing something from our lives. On the contrary, it always gives us more: more time to live and more life to spend.

And that’s why I love the departing year more than the new one. I feel that the year we leave behind contributes more to our lives than the one just beginning. But of course, that's thinking in bits. To live and feel whole, living time as a continuum is what we better choose. It works for me. And I hope you are there with me in this continuum.

My resolutions for the New Year are:
1) to value life more than before, in all its forms;
2) to reunite life with the beauty and wholesomeness of nature;
3) and to grow via the written word.

Just days ago, I posted the story of a brutally abused dog Rocko who has found new life after successful surgery and is now waiting for a caring family to adopt him as a friend for the rest of his life, however much remains of it.

Rocko’s story is symbolic of healing. I would always value 2010 as the year of Rocko and other loving creatures like him who look upon us as friends and for whose safety many caring souls are there.

Thank you all for making my life beautiful! The year 2011 will continue the good work we have furthered together. Love you for your beautiful souls!

Ernest Dempsey
Recovering the Self

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  1. Dear Ernest Dempsey,
    Thank you for the meaningful message. After my article last year, I've been half-considering advertising in your magazine Recovering the Self. I will think about it some more.
    Tim Baker

  2. Timothy,

    Glad you liked Ernest's New Year message. Yes, do advertise.


  3. I loved your thoughts for the New Year, Ernest.

  4. Ernest:
    Thank you for the wonderful and meaningful New Years message.

  5. Thank you all!

    Tim, you are welcome to advertise in RTS. We'll make your ad available in the journal plus on one or more of our sites.

    Best to you all in 2011.

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