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Building a Creative Practice: Not for Wimps! Now on Telling HerStories: Taking the Broad View

Capricorn Heart = Persistence of the goat

My second post for my Creative Catalyst series on Story Circle Network's "Telling Herstories: The Broad View" is now up. You can access "Building a Creative Practice: Not for Wimps" by clicking here...where you'll also see the first post, "What is Creativity Anyway?" Also, a third post will go up the first Tuesday in January.

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  1. I just read about creative practice on
    — a very helpful article not only for new writers, but also for veteran authors who still struggle to find the discipline to make writing a consistent habit. With your permission, I will add the points you make about Creative Practice to lesson eleven of my workshop which is on writing habits.

    In making the point about consistency you say: "Ink it in. Make an appointment. Write the time and place on your calendar—in pen, not pencil. You wouldn't stand up friend, so don't stand up your muse. If you can’t make the appointment, don’t beat yourself up; simply reschedule."

    A very good point, but I'd like to add that spontaneity is also very important. I write about that in today's blog.

    Thanks for your insights.

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