What’s new with noted fabric artist Edna Patterson-Petty

I’m proud to call Edna Patterson-Petty a friend. She’s a phenomenal woman containing more creative energy than I can keep track of.

For Black History Month Edna organized a group show at Southern Illinois University. She titled the exhibit “Inclusion.” Her artist statement defines inclusion as: “artists with different view points, ideas, and delivery come together to celebrate the arts. As people we are divided by race, gender, and a fixed set of biases, but the arts connect us all. Let’s Celebrate!” This is aligned with my mission on Riehlife to create connections through the arts and across cultures.

Edna was one of nine artists chosen from 51 applicants to provide a cultural experience for travelers. Each artist designed design three glass panels for a total of nine triptychs to be displayed on concourses A and C. The panels are 65 inches high and 36 inches wide. You can read about this exciting “Airport Experience” project here.Edna will have a one person exhibit in Ottowa Canada from December 2- February 2012.

See Edna J. Patterson-Petty’s work here.

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