Journeywoman Shares 55 Travel Secrets…including 2 Riehlife tips

Journeywoman is sharing 55 travel secrets from women writers who travel around the world. Click here to READ FIFTY-FIVE FABULOUS TIPS.

Each year Journeywoman connects with female writers around the world and asks them to send one or two of their best travel secrets for their female readership to enjoy. This year they’ve harvested a bumper crop.

Including…two tips from myself!

Abstraction of Global Africa

Page 1, Tip #3—Wear skirts with tailored front pockets. Click here.

Page 5, Tip #27—Eat with your guide in the Okavango Delta of Botswana. Click here.

And…53 more tips…Learn about a well-priced hotel in Rome, an eco-restaurant in London, how to cook your own dinner on holiday, how to meet the locals in Paris, the best books for JourneyWomen to look for and much, much more. There are eight pages of these gorgeous gems.

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