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Clearing the Years—Telegraph’s Active Living Section Chooses Pop as Cover Boy—Erwin A. Thompson Reveals Secrets of Reclaiming Youthful Outlook

Pop's a cover boy! He's made the front page of the ACTIVE LIVING section of THE TELEGRAPH. (When I was growing up, known as "The Alton Evening Telegraph"--but it now comes out in the morning.) To read the cover story "Clearing the Years: Brush-clearing helps 92-year-old reclaim youthful outlook" it says on the cover. Inside title is: "For 92-year-old keeping busy is key to longevity" by Jill Moon, in pdf format, click here. You can email Jill here:

Pop on cover of The Telegraph’s  Active Living Section
Pop---Erwin A. Thompson--on cover of The Telegraph's ACTIVE LIVING section. Photo by John Badman. Caption there reads:Erwin Thompson, 92, stands near his tractor on land overlooking the Mississippi River. Thompson says a brush-clearing project keeps him in good health.

Jill references several blog entries on Riehlife that you can read about in the "Daddy 'n Me" archives....the brushclearing workout program, Pop's birthday squaredance, and secrets of longevity.

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  1. I love it. Manual labor does keep us younger. That's why you don't see to many writers in their 90's. At least not as vigorous as your pop!

  2. Pop stands in front of us, to teach us what is possible in physical life. The only limits we encounter are those we put on ourselves. Age has nothing to do with energy unless we restricted it by our negative thoughts and fears.
    Pop is real and powerful inspiration for the 21st century.

  3. Yes...I think his hard physical work helps his writing. He's finished 2 books this year and is starting a 3rd. There are writers in history who have this Wendell Berry and so forth.

  4. I love to write about your dad. He's inspirational and such a breath of fresh air.

  5. That is cool! He'll have a poem published in this month's Salute! newsletter too. He's a popular fellow, isn't he?

  6. Thanks, Janet, very sweet! Your blog is a good feeling place to visit, for sure.

  7. It was a wonderful article and a great picture of such a handsome man.

  8. Wonderful reading, all of it.

  9. Yesterday Riehlife received 5,000 hits and 725 visits.
    My father received many calls from old friends. "People I knew. It worked out real well."

  10. Hi Janet,

    The stories shared on your website are excellent! I found everything interesting, informative and loved the historical facts. I want you to continue to share such lovely stories. I am inspired!

  11. Dear Janet and Erwin,
    What a wonderful story Jill Moon did on you, Erwin, but consider who she was writing about! It had to turn out great and inspirational. My only question is: are you dancing on ice in these days of mid-west storms?

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