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The Algebra of Poetry

Algebra has a poetry of its own. Poetry has an algebra of its own. 1) How is poetry like an algebra equation? 2) What is the ration and proportion of poetry? 3) What is your definition of “earned abstraction”? How does a poem earn the use of abstract concepts and words?

Poetry & Paradise:Mary Oliver’s thoughts on poetry

What is poetry? How do we read poetry? What distinguishes poetry from other forms of literature or art? Perhaps “more intense use of language– “higher voltage” per word (Perrine)? Here are two glimpses of Mary Oliver’s view of what poetry is: “The thoughtful machinery of the poem…” Mary Oliver’s introduction to Poetry, 1994 “If poetry […]

Where in the World is Janet? Re-design Time. Join the Riehlife Community Here.

Readers have written—even called!–wanting to know what’s going on with me and with the Riehlife site. As to both, I can say, “We are under construction. Pardon our dust.” First, as to the site, because that’s more simple: We’re in the process of shifting from a standard blog-column with a website sidebar to a visual […]

Family Stories Tip

Family stories do not have to be diary-like stories. They can be word ideas. Little boy in diaper. Icecream cone. There, now: don’t you get vivid images and memories from these phrases?

Directed Contemplative Writing—a variation on free writing

I’ve started a new writing project—working with my longtime friend and writing colleague, Stephanie Farrow who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In the last weeks we’ve developed a way of working which I’m analyzing into steps below in hopes it might help those writers among Riehlife’s readers. [Note: This is filed in the Write, Pen! […]

Writing Critique & Releasing Question: What other poems are inside this poem?

When you receive a “Listenback” from a critique on your work, what can you do next? Use the feedback you’ve received to set up exercises to try things out. Use this releasing question: What other poems are inside this poem? Editing and re-writing are like sculpting.

Writing Secrets: write when there’s no time to write—by Erwin A. Thompson

Erwin A. Thompson, author of Thompson Western Series and Folk Treasure I will share my secret of being able to write when there is no time for writing. When I am in a boring job that only requires my presence, when I wake up at night and tend to remember all of the dirty deals […]

How to pitch your creative work without losing your mind: 4 guidelines actors, authors, painters, and musicians can use

What do singing on Broadway, training dogs, and mastering the art of the business pitch have in common? Patience, preparation, and perspective. I learned this valuable lesson from a young friend Annemieke Farrow (daughter of Stephanie and John Farrow of Albuquerque, New Mexico). Annemieke transitioned from a successful theater career in New York City to […]

Riehlife Rejection Resources from the WRITE PEN! archives

To complement Eden Maxwell’s excellent advice today on making rejection work in your creative life, look in Riehlife’s WRITE PEN! archives for more solid advice on using rejection by Nancy Connally, Janet Muirhead Hill…and (the other Janet) myself. My article “Relishing Rejection” was posted on “Eliot, a Literary Blog” as well as August 24, […]

Jammin’ Journal Prompts

Wizard Altar, by Janet Riehl “Thinking as if…magic is real.” If someone gave you a million dollars, what would you do with it? If you could be a character from any book, who would you be? What is the silliest thing to ever happen to you?