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To complement Eden Maxwell’s excellent advice today on making rejection work in your creative life, look in Riehlife’s WRITE PEN! archives for more solid advice on using rejection by Nancy Connally, Janet Muirhead Hill…and (the other Janet) myself. My article “Relishing Rejection” was posted on “Eliot, a Literary Blog” as well as www.ezinearticles.com.

Nancy Connally, Guest Blogger

August 24, 25, & 26, 2007 Nancy Connally’s three-day case study on critics and critiquing began here.

Janet Muiread Hill, author

August 21, 2007
How to Use Criticism and Spring Back from Rejection

August 22, 2007 Janet Muirhead Hill Identifies Categories of Critics a Writer Meets

August 23, 2007 August Janet Muirhead Hill Tells Writers How to Separate our Personhood from Our Work When Receiving and Using Criticism

Janet Riehl

June 12, 2007 Janet Riehl’s essay “The Art of Critique” in two parts begins here.

November 24, 2007 Riehl’s “Relishing Writing Rejection” featured on Eliot, a literary blog for the St. Louis Writers Guild

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  1. Hi Janet,
    I’d just read a piece by Catherine Ryan Hyde(“Pay It Forward”) in the current Glimmer Train about rejection(http:www.glimmertrain.com/hydeb15.html) when I opened your work. She describes 122 rejections before her first story was accepted, 1000 in the course of getting 50 stories into print and having her book “Walter’s Purple Heart” accepted by Simon & Schuster after PIF was a hit…the same editor had previously rejected it. She goes on to examine the editorial process and the writerly response, cautioning us to not buy into the rejection as connoting “bad” writing….altogether a good addition to what you are sharing here.
    Thanks, Arletta

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