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“The Second Hardest Decision,” by Erwin A. Thompson. Duck or Cover? A WW II Chronicle.

This story written by my father Erwin A. Thompson–now 95–is a continuation of my POP ON MONDAY series. It tells the story of what my father calls “Big Men”–that is men of great character. In the normal round of a day in Army life, should they protect a good seargent and risk their own positions? […]

“The Hardest Decision I Ever Had to Make,” by Erwin A. Thompson, WWII Hero. Who to choose for a dangerous night patrol? And, how to get back alive?

Today is D-day. And, my parent’s 69th wedding anniversary if my mother had lived to see this day. My father’s story of “The Hardest Decision I Ever Had to Make,” did not happen on D-Day, but it seems right to post it today as we remember those dark days of World War II and the […]

“There’s a Star-Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere” by Paul Roberts & Shelby Darnell

Here’s a reprise of my father’s historical notes, reflections, and the lyrics of “There’s a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere” (1942). My father is a decorated veteran from World War II. The year my father was named Folk Treasure of Arts Across Illinois this song was captured on video in preparation for a TV show. […]

“Veterans Voices Series”: Erwin A. Thompson’s Night Patrol story…transcript from Telegraph video

To read my father’s poem “Night Patrol” click here to access the Riehlife March 18th 2007 entry. To see Erwin A. Thompson tellling this story of bravery in action…matter of factly and with gentle humor…go to Tip: To avoid problems in streaming this video, you may wish to press the pause button on the […]

“Remember Pearl Harbor” and other songs from World War II, from my correspondent from that war, my father, Erwin A. Thompson

I asked my father, who in the Second World War was Sergeant Erwin A. Thompson, “I” Company, 36th Armored Infantry Regiment, First Army to write a post honoring Pearl Harbor Day. My father is a man who served in that war and still has scars around his scrapnel wounds to prove it. I know, because […]

“There’s a Star-Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere”—song, historical notes, and reflection by my father, a WWII veteran

My father and our long-time neighbor Jim Weeks (one of the three guitar players who, my father jokes “makes me sound good” when he plays fiddle) sang this quite movingly on the TV profile of my father. I always love watching and listening to this on tape. My father is a combat veteran of World […]