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Facebook Collard Convention: a virtual kitchen table talk

Facebook as a tool for micro blogging makes an interesting research project. Which status updates (posts) will evoke response? Recently I was completely overtaken by surprise when I shared this recipe for Sweet Collard Greens that I stumbled upon that afternoon right at my stove. Since everyone agreed, here is the exchange below. I learned […]

Blog-of-the-month: Best Social Networking Updates?

What are the most clever…fun…pungent and potent…social media updates that you’ve seen or posted yourself? Comment below this anchor post to respond. More below… Dear Riehlife Villagers, I’m launching a series of blog-of-the-month topics by asking our community to discuss a single piece of work: –a book, –a play or film, –a piece of art […]

Twittering away…9 months of microblogging…in 140 characters or less

“Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?” Twittering is like sending a telegraph or writing a haiku. Over time, the messages accrete, and the rhythms of a life become discernable. At least, that’s […]

Twitter Tips from Nancy Marmolejo, “The CEO of Sizzibility,™” Viva Visability!

Nancy Marmolejo is all about sizzibility. Sizzability is what you get when you combine “sizzle” with “visibility.” Sizzability makes you memorable. It makes you stand out. With her lighthearted and skillful manner, that’s exactly what Nancy does: stand out and sizzle. She’s a PR, media, and social networking strategist who shows entrepreneurs how to generate […]