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“How to Make and Produce and Audio Book”

Read Janet’s article “How to Make and Produce an Audio Book” on Blogging Authors…complete with illustrative videos for each step.

Sightlines Blog Tour Week 8 and Featured Video: Licensing & Copyrighting with Greg McNey

Week Eight July 20-24 This is the next-to-last week of the Sightlines blog tour. Watch the featured video with guest Greg McNey (see full story), an expert on licensing and copyrighting. Comment on the video and win a chance for a free copy of “Sightlines: A Family Love Story in Poetry and Music.” 20 Bookland […]

Sightlines Blog Tour Week 5 & Featured Video: Stages 4 (legal) & 5 (production)

FREE AUDIO BOOK! Leave a comment on this week’s featured video and become eligible for winning a free copy of “Sightlines: A Family Love Story in Poetry and Music.” Janet will run a raffle using random numbers among the comments. Wow! Two posts up this Monday June 29th…and a podcast this Friday, July 3rd. Week […]

Sightlines Blog Tour Video #3: Stage 1–Recording

Title: Introduction & Studio Part 2 Description: Recording begins, stage 1. Janet and Scott continue chatting about 1) How Scott eased Janet’s initial terror; More detailed information on his studio set up; 3) working process of their 2-day (8 hours) recording session in Nashville. Length: 8:20 minutes Videographer: Scott Kidd

Sightlines Blog Tour Video #2: Studio Tour & Working Process

Title: Driving and First Talk Part 1 Description: Getting started. Janet drives toward Scott Kidd’s home and studio in Nolensville, Tennessee. As usual, she gets lost. We meet Scott’s dog Tucker and tour Scott’s audio studio. Introduction to Janet and Scott’s working process, personal bond, and how the project began. Length: 9:52 minutes Videographer: Scott […]