Sightlines Blog Tour Week 5 & Featured Video: Stages 4 (legal) & 5 (production)

FREE AUDIO BOOK! Leave a comment on this week’s featured video and become eligible for winning a free copy of “Sightlines: A Family Love Story in Poetry and Music.” Janet will run a raffle using random numbers among the comments.

Wow! Two posts up this Monday June 29th…and a podcast this Friday, July 3rd.

Week Five June 29 through July 3rd

June 29th. Yvonne Perry interviews me on Writers in the Sky this Monday. Then…on Friday, she posts our Podcast interview.

June 29: BLOG: Antona Smith interviews Janet on Pink Latte Publishing…a wonderful little space for a writing journey. Pink Latte Publishing is Antona’s creative writing muse. Check out Antona’s main blog The Musings of a Latte Queen: Narratives of Everyday Life by clicking here.

July 3 PODCAST, BOOK REVIEW:Yvonne Perry interviews Janet with a blog post, podcast, and book review. Yvonne is a Freelance writer, editor, award-winning author, speaker, and owner of Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services Nashville, TN. Check her main blog by clicking here. Yvonne is a long-time supporter of my work and blogging buddy. Her son-in-law, Scott Kidd was my fabulous audio engineer for “Sightlines: A Family Love Story in Poetry and Music.”


To view all 8 video thumbnails together, go to:

Title: Sightlines Blog Tour Video #5: Stage 4 (legal) & Stage 5 (production)
Description: Stages 4 & 5 Legal work (licensing and copyrights) and Production. Greg McNey enters the project. Scott and Janet choose Discmasters as the company to produce the physical product…1,000 copies.

Length: 9:56 minutes
Videographer: Scott Kidd
Riehlife link:…e-5-productionsightlines-blog-tour-video-5-stage-4-legal-stage-5-production/

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