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Black Rep’s tour de force: August Wilson’s “Radio Golf,” ends powerful cycle

“The first time I hit a golf ball, I felt free!” “When your way get dark, turn your light up high.” The title comes from Roosevelt Hicks’ “Radio Golf” radio program…and the theme of “Blue Skies”…”Stay out of sand traps” ripples throughout. On Aunt Esther’s porch at 1839 Wiley, “Everybody expresses themselves indifferent ways…different meanings…[even] […]

St. Louis Black Rep Company’s Fireside Chat #2: August Wilson’s “Radio Golf” (opens February 13-March 9, 2008, at Grandel Theatre) When does urban renewal turn into bulldozing the past?

The Black Rep Company’s website describes August Wilson’s “Radio Golf” like this: The final installment in Wilson’s cycle of ten plays that examines the African-American experience in 20th century America, and the tenth to be produced by The Black Rep. The epic tale centers on Harmond Wilks, an Ivy League-educated lawyer who plans to declare […]