Black Rep’s tour de force: August Wilson’s “Radio Golf,” ends powerful cycle

“The first time I hit a golf ball, I felt free!”

“When your way get dark, turn your light up high.”

The title comes from Roosevelt Hicks’ “Radio Golf” radio program…and the theme of “Blue Skies”…”Stay out of sand traps” ripples throughout.

On Aunt Esther’s porch at 1839 Wiley, “Everybody expresses themselves indifferent ways…different meanings…[even] scratching your head.”

“You ain’t got to study up on what’s right…or wrong.”

“The air in the house smells sweet like a new day.”

“I’ve been following the plan all my life. I can’t follow the plan this time.”

“You’ve got to have a center. Without that, everything else caves in.”

“Everything went my father’s way. Now I have to follow my own plan.”

“I can do riddles. I can sing.”

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