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Visionary Puppetry: Descent of the Goddess Inanna

Based on a 5,000-year-old Sumerian myth from the land that is now Iraq, this live theatrical animation features 17 large puppets, 8 actors, music, video and the dazzling richness, broad humor and erotic imagery of the ancient texts. “The Goddess of Heaven and Earth descends to visit her sister, Queen of the Underworld, while a […]

Lauren Raine’s “Masks of the Goddess” cyber-auction through January 27th

The Independent Eye, a professional theatre founded by Conrad Bishop and Elizabeth Fuller in 1974, is based in Sebastopol, CA. In 33 years, they’ve presented 3000+ performances in 35 states & Canada & Israel, as well as public radio series. They act, write, compose, direct, design and do the dirty work. They also write plays […]