Lauren Raine’s “Masks of the Goddess” cyber-auction through January 27th

The Independent Eye, a professional theatre founded by Conrad Bishop and Elizabeth Fuller in 1974, is based in Sebastopol, CA. In 33 years, they’ve presented 3000+ performances in 35 states & Canada & Israel, as well as public radio series. They act, write, compose, direct, design and do the dirty work. They also write plays for and do collaborations with other theatres. Elizabeth recently sent this note:

Over the past seven years, mask-maker Lauren Raine has created a sculptural homage to the divine feminine, thirty “Masks of theGoddess” that have traveled across the U.S. for exhibits, symposia, rituals and performances. They’re finely crafted leather, deeply evocative—a sense that this artist has found these beings at her very center.

Now, Lauren says, new visions impel her, she needs to travel and to create an uncharted future. So she’s offering her “Masks of the Goddess” to all who will take them in, give them a place on your wall and in your heart. The means? A cyber-auction, from now through January 27th. As artwork, the starting prices are amazingly low.

Your bid can make three things possible. Claiming an extraordinarily crafted piece of art+spirit. Support the next workings of Lauren’s journey. And she’s donating 30% of the proceeds to The Independent Eye’s new “Mythic Kitchen” initiative in visionary puppetry. In her own notes, she’s calling us ‘the extraordinary, funny, magical theatre ensemble.” We’ll try to live up to it.

It’s easy to bid on one or more of the masks. Enter her gallery (link above), visit her sisters. Offer your hand.

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