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“The Energy of Life” :Contemplation by Hal Manogue

And now…something a little different. Here’s a contemplation from the connective mind of my blogging buddy and friend Hal Manogue who writes both poems and essays. His books include: Short Sleeves Insights Short Sleeves Spirit Songs Short Sleeves A Book for Friends (2007 & 2008 collections) Check out his website and his blog. –JGR Janet […]

Teaching Philosophy She Lived—by my mother, Ruth Evelyn Johnston Thompson with commentary by my father Erwin A. Thompson

My father, Erwin A. Thompson, in his paper sorting, found this gem among my mother’s papers. He says, “It could come out of any textbook, and still has some personal touches not found in them.” He goes on to make these comments: “These were not idle words. I listened to her stories of the children […]