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Riehlife Writing Idea: Sensory Scan as Memory Prompt

When Jake Lorfing and I were talking yesterday about some long ago work I felt would be worthy writing material, he said, “But I don’t remember anything; it’s too long ago.” I suggested he do a Sensory Scan. You can do this, too. 1) Take each sense in turn: sight, sound, taste, touch, smell. 2) […]

Happy First Birthday, Riehlife! Celebrating a reprise of “Write Pen! Connecting to Our Wisdom Selves”

I just went back in my blog archives to find out…when did I really start blogging? Here’s what I dredged up from the deep:

Riehl’s Aphorism on Rules of Writing–Three Foundational Rules tried in our test kitchen–& an example of revising

Janet Riehl with her book “Sightlines: A Poet’s Diary” (see sidebar) This aphorism is something I said at a book evening at Left Bank Books in the Central West End, St. Louis…when the conversation turned to writing. The author of the evening urged me to write it down, so I did. (One of the foundational […]

Riehl’s “Relishing Writing Rejection” featured on Eliot, a literary blog…St. Louis Writers Guild

Demian Farnsworth invited me to join the chorus of rejection advice and insights on the St. Louis Writers Guild’s keynote blog Eliot, a literary blog (named, of course for T.S. Eliot, for whom St. Louis was a home town.) Head on over there to find out eight ways to put a dollop of relish on […]

Writing Prompt: Finish the potato salad story

I dove face down into the potato salad and… You finish the story.

Nancy Connally’s Critique Case Study Day 3: New Insights Dawn

Here are some learnings that come from the conclusion of Nancy Connally’s Critiquing Case Study: For those giving feedback: 1) Critique the story, not the person. 2) Critique the story on the page that person is writing, not the story in your head that you want written. For those receiving feedback: 3) Have the intestinal […]

Nancy Connally’s Critique Case Study, Day 2: How wisdom from an on-line writing village gave her perspective–5 specific tips

Nancy Connally tells how she balanced out the negative critique by learning from the wisdom of an on-line writing village…including finding out that even exceptionally gifted writers must learn how to cope with folks who don’t take to their work. –JGR ____________________________ Later that day, I checked in with a writers group I belong to […]

Nancy Connally learns some important lessons on critics and critiquing: Day 1 of 3

Nancy Connally’s 3-day case study of some recent critiques and her response to them sheds light on several important issues in the process of giving and receiving feedback on our writing. Today, Day One, she tells of a negative critique she received from a person of stature and how that proved destructive in several major […]

Janet Muirhead Hill Tells Writers How to Separate our Personhood from Our Work When Receiving and Using Criticism

Today, Guest Blogger Janet Muirhead Hill, author of the Miranda and Starlight series of six books and Danny’s Dragon, a story of wartime loss concludes her Riehl series on “Overcoming Rejection and the the Writing Life.” Quite inspiring, no? Janet, thank you for being one of the other Janet’s in the world and sharing your […]

Janet Muirhead Hill Identifies Categories of Critics a Writer Meets

Guest Blogger Janet Muirhead Hill, author of the Miranda and Starlight series of six books and Danny’s Dragon, a story of wartime loss continues her series of Riehlife blog posts on Overcoming Rejection and the Writing Life. Tomorrow she’ll discuss “How to Separate Our Personhood from Our Work When Receiving and Using Criticism.”–JGR ________________________________________________________________ Monica […]