Happy First Birthday, Riehlife! Celebrating a reprise of “Write Pen! Connecting to Our Wisdom Selves”

I just went back in my blog archives to find out…when did I really start blogging? Here’s what I dredged up from the deep:

–On December 17th, 2006, Riehlife was technically up and we posted a welcome note.

–I posted backdated book reviews from Amazon (with the actual dates posted there) with August and September dates from 2006. It was one step in discovering my life as a blogger.

–On January 10th, 2006, I posted a piece previously written titled, “I Will Take You Halfway.”

–On January 13th, 2006, I posted my first original blogpost titled “Write Pen! Connecting to Our Wisdom Selves!” explaining the title of that category on Riehlife.

I feel January 13th, 2006, is the birthdate of Riehlife…the day Riehlife was born…the day Riehlife was truly introduced and launched into the cyber world. It’s been a journey this past year of blogging life, and to celebrate, here’s a reprise of the original post:


Wisdom lives within us, we have only to connect with it. But, how? In the 1980s, when I lived in New Mexico, I studied Psychosynthesis Professional Training with the Intermountain Associates of Psychosynthesis, co-directed by Molly Young Brown and Walter Polt. Walter collaborated with me on training programs for my consulting firm Clear Communication and I coached him as he first put his “From Anger to Power” process into words and then into print.

Whenever Walter was in a situation with a client or group that required him to dip into his well of intuitive wisdom, he wrote these words on the page: “Write, pen!” and then proceeded to find out, from thus beseeching and invoking his pen what the heart of the matter was. What really needed to be done or said in this situation? Where did the truth lie?

It’s a wonderful tool and everytime the work went to a deeper and truer place because Walter checked in with his wisdom self. Try it yourself next time you could use some words of wisdom––from your own storehouse.

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